Blocks of raw magic ore are coming in fast, fresh from the magic mines. Cast your spells in order to refine them into magical orbs!

How to play:

  • Click on any conveyor belt to process a block
  • Spend orbs to upgrade your spells
  • The game ends when your MP runs out

Development Notes:

This was my third game jam, my second time using Godot Engine, and my first Alakajam! Here's a quick rundown of the tools / technologies used:

  • Godot Engine
  • InkScape for all graphics
  • Background Music: Procedurally generated using the "Abundant Music" tool, and then exported with MuseScore
  • BFXR for all sound effects

You can find the project page on the Alakajam site here:

Change Log:

February 24 @ 4:46 pm CST: Updated web build to fix game-breaking bugs via the following two changes:

  • Removed particle effects since these apparently don't play nice with Chrome
  • Switched all instances of Popup node to a different node type to avoid weird unpredictable behavior in the browser 

February 25 @ 10:55 pm CST: Added downloads for Windows and Mac.

  • Note: These keep the above mentioned particle effects that had to be removed from the web build :)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withInkscape, Godot, Bfxr
Tags2D, Point & Click


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